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More News About Myself, Fundraising, and Training.....

Clearing $2,000!!! (3/30/2001)

Once again, I would like to thank David Connolly of the Brockton Enterprise for publishing the article last week regarding the adventure I am preparing to embark upon.  As a direct result of that article, I have received several donations from some extremely generous and caring people in this area.  It makes me proud to be able to say I live among so many caring people.  The next thing I am proud to say is that so far, my efforts, with the help of several others, have already helped me to raise OVER $2,000!!!  This is still only a small step towards my goal of $10,000 but it makes that dream more of a reality.  I still have many other campaign ideas that I have not had the time to implement and I am still awaiting to hear back from several companies I sent letters to.  I am certain that there are also several donations that are in transition that I have not heard about yet.  Every day becomes more satisfying to me and makes me feel like my efforts are worth it.  Discouragement will not become an issue.  

Next week, I will be meeting with the owner of a golf course to discuss setting up a tournament to raise money.  I will be seeking donations in the forms of prizes to give away in a raffle.  If you have any ideas for this, please email to let me know.  This means, if you think that your company might be willing to donate something for me to give away, please let me know.  The tentative date I have in mind for the golf tournament is Saturday, June 16.  That is the day before Father's day.  Perhaps it would be a great opportunity for everybody to spend with their dads!  Even if golf isn't your strong suit, it's not about the competition.  It is about the millions of people that are dying of AIDS and how you are helping them.  The best part is that you will be having a good time while doing it!  

The last thing I would like to say is that I am proud that include in this update that I am doing well in school despite my demanding schedule.  Working 40 hours a week and taking 6 classes is difficult, yet I can still say that through hard work and dedication I have been able to deal with it so far.  Everybody around me has been great supporting my efforts and trying to be understanding with me.  I just want to thank all of you for being there for me, as I think it would have been impossible had it not been for you guys.  Thanks again.  I will keep you all posted on all other events.  Check back soon.

Making Headlines (3/24/2001)

I would like to thank David Connolly of the Brockton Enterprise for interviewing me and publishing a story related to my Alaskan adventure.  The article appeared in Friday's edition (March 23, 2001) of the Enterprise on page A5.  It was in the Local/World section of the paper.  I have copied the article and inserted it below.  Once again, thank you David.  

Bridgewater State student gears up for marathon bike ride

By David Connolly                                                                                       The Enterprise—Friday, March 23, 2001    A5

Bridgewater – The longest distance Mike Doyon ever rode his bicycle is 45 miles. "And I was hurting for three days afterward," he said. But that will not stop him from participating in the 500-mile Alaska AIDS Ride 2001, a grueling six-day ride in August with daily distances of 75 to 100 miles.

Doyon, a 23-year-old Bridgewater State College student, has taken a strong interest in raising money for AIDS research, even though the disease has never affected anyone close to him.

"I’ve never met anyone with AIDS, but I’ve seen it explode in my lifetime," he said. "I fear for my kids and grand kids," said Doyon, who is not yet a father, but worried about what his offspring may face. Instead, he hopes to help make AIDS a thing of the past. "I hope my kids and grand kids can come up to me and say, ‘What was AIDS?’ just like I asked my mother and grandmother about polio," he said.

Doyon, a Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School graduate, hopes to raise $10,000 for the cause. The minimum to participate is $3,400. "I’ve sent out over 100 letters to friends, family and area businesses asking for help," he said. Also, Doyon is planning a golf tournament.

Last year, the event raised $4.1 million that went directly to AIDS research. This year, the money is slated to go to Aaron Diamond Research Center in New York, the Emory Vaccine Center in Atlanta and the UCLA AIDS Institute in Los Angeles.

Doyon is studying management information systems and expects to graduate in May. In addition to a full class load, he works at Jordans Furniture at the company’s computer help desk.

Anyone who wants to learn more about Doyon and his progress can check his Web site at The usual www at the beginning of most Internet addresses is not necessary. He can be reached via e-mail at

People can also sponsor Doyon’s efforts by sending checks payable to Alaska AIDS Vaccine Ride, to Mike Doyon, P.O. Box 413, Bridgewater, MA 02324.

"I’ve never met anyone with AIDS but I’ve seen it explode in my lifetime. I fear for my kids and grand kids," – Mike Doyon


Reaching the $1,000 mark in donations!!!(3/11/2001)

Through campaigning hard with the help of friends and family, I have reached the $1,000 mark in my donations.  This puts me at just about 1/3 the way to the minimum I need ($3,400) to ride in this event, however, it is only a small step towards my personal goal.  I have set my personal goal at $10,000!  That is nearly 3 times the amount that I am required to raise!  Why am I setting my goals so high?  I am doing it because it is attainable.  I feel that my fundraising goals should be as difficult to reach as completing the ride comfortably.  NOTE:  I said comfortably.  

As many of you already know I have sent out letters to some friends, family, and local businesses.  I will be sending out more soon.  All my letters include a donation form and a letter providing some detail about the beneficiaries.  In the letters I sent to local companies, I have even included business cards and return postcards that I had made up at my own expense.  

Currently, I am on spring break preparing for a major presentation the day I go back to school.  That same week, I have another exam and other stuff due.  On top of that, I am going to be meeting with a few friends to help me hang up flyers around Bridgewater State College and possibly other local colleges.  I am also going to try to hang some up at local businesses this week.  I have many other ideas brewing in my already fried mind, but they will surface soon.  I will be trying to distribute coffee cans to local businesses in hopes of collecting change.  I may even be planning a golf tournament for June (more details about this will come later)!!!  Am I trying to do too much?  Probably.  Perseverance, dedication, hard work, and stubbornness will carry me through this challenge.  I WILL accomplish raising $10,000.  I certainly have my work cut out for me, but then again, nothing good in life comes easy!

Bridgewater 99:  Helping to push the cause....(2/23/2001)

With the help of the bar staff at the 99 in Bridgewater, this past Thursday night (2/22/2001), I was able to raise $144 for the 2001 Alaska AIDS Vaccine Ride!!!  Following the weekly Thursday night trivia questions and giveaways, Andrew (if you go, he is the guy with the mic) gave a plug for the Alaska AIDS Vaccine Ride.  Several customers responded by showing their generosity.  I can't thank you guys enough. 

For those of you who didn't come out this Thursday, you missed out on a good time.  Every Thursday at the 99 is filled with lots of laughs and cheers.  It's an atmosphere that anybody can enjoy.  You should really come by to check it out.  Show your support by stopping in and giving a shout out!  Every Thursday there are prizes to be won and trivia to stump us all.  If you do stop in, tell Wendy and Andrew I sent you.  I hope to see you there soon!  


I Got A New Bike!!! (2/23/2001)  click here to check out my new bike

Well, if you haven't already heard, last week I broke my bike while training at Borderland State Park.  I have recently added a picture of the old bike if you want a good laugh.  You can clearly see that the front fork was destroyed.  I then spent the entire weekend researching for a new mountain bike and it paid off.  On Wednesday, I bought myself a new bike.  I got a great deal on it and can't wait to back out to the trails.  I have included a link for you to check out my new bike if you like.  If you ever want to go for a ride, email me.  Let me know.  I'm always up for a great day on the trails!!!


The 99 in Bridgewater is the place to be Thursday nights!    (2/18/2001)

I would like to thank Wendy and Andrew, as well as the rest of the crew, at the 99 in Bridgewater for their support.  On Thursday nights, a promotional night at the 99, Andrew and Wendy will be mentioning this ride in hopes of helping me raise the money I need to generate.  

Please stop by and help support my cause.  I am usually there after 10pm (when I get out of class) so give me a shout out as well.  As the date grows closer, I believe the 99 will become even more involved in helping me to raise money.  As of right now, the 99 is involved in raising money for multiple causes.  Just last week (2/15/01), they raised over $200 to go to a charity (a shelter in Brockton if my memory is correct).  In the past, they have done promotions to help Wendy (the Thursday night bartender) raise money for leukemia.  She will be running the Boston Marathon for the cause.  So, once again, please stop by.  Show us how much you care.


My Bike is Toast!!!   (2/18/2001)  click here to see what is left of my old bike....notice how close the wheel is to the frame

This past Thursday (2/15/01), I went on a training ride at Borderland State Park in Easton.  The conditions were snowy and icy.  The temp in upper 30s to low 40s.  I thought it would be a great day for a training ride.  I figured the snow covered trails would help me build endurance and balance while teaching me to remain seated more (for traction).  

That was all too true until I was about 3 miles into the woods.  I came off a small drop-off (about 2 foot) and landed on a patch of ice.  I began to fishtail and hit a tree straight on.  I severely bent my front fork.  I slightly bent my from rim more so than it already was.  Fortunately, I didn't even suffer a single scratch or bruise.  I came out 100% unscathed.  Unfortunately, I had to hike-a-bike a few miles out.  I then had a difficult ride on the road back to my car.

With the new damage and many other bent/warped parts to the bike, I think it is time I lay it to rest.  I plan on purchasing a new bike within the next week or two (if all goes well).  I have done extensive research on purchasing a new bike and have it narrowed down to four models.  I just can't wait to get back on the trails.  Hopefully, this bike can hold up just a bit better....