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I would like to thank all of my sponsors for their support and for believing in me!!!  You guys are the real heroes!  

"I Think We're All Heroes If You Catch Us At The Right Moment" 

- Andy Garcia in the movie "Heroes"


Donna (my mom!), Joe Calcagno (I love you guys!)

John (my dad!), Mary, Jonathan Doyon (I love you guys!)

Jay Sickoll

Larry (from Freda's)

Dick & Joan (from Freda's)

Darren Taccini

Pub 99 (Bridgewater, Mass) Ernie & Shirley
Kathryn (Meena) Payton Larry Davidson
Henry & Barbara Goldsmith Attic Treasures (E. Bridgewater, MA)
James Fallon DMS Signs, INC. (Brockton, MA)
Jean Fontaine (Uncle Johnny! Thanks a Million!) Hardwood Floors by Brian Ayre (Whitman, MA -- Thanks Teri & Brian!)
Melissa Brennan Sue Ennes
Joan Traynor Ronald & Carol Dahill
Reynolds Produce Co. (Brockton, MA -- Thanks Jimmy!) Palco Plastics (Thanks Rocco & Paul!)
Joel Nickerson Ken & Marie Colburn
Kathy & Dick Donahue Lauren Donahue
Betty Baker Jane & Frank Marochino
Maria Easley Jerry Ardizzoni
Stephen Kohler Judith Gianareles
Michelle Demusz Brian Mutascio
Kristen Rehs Barbara & Michael Kelley
Sandra Foley Dotty & John Fontana
Barbara Silver Eldorado Casino (Reno, NV)
Elen Donahue, MD Tim Lenahan
White Pines Country Club (Brockton, MA) Freda's Restaurant (West Bridgewater, MA)
Sue Holbrook Jonathan Besse
John Easley Maria Dailey
Stephanie Chaves Sandy Parker
Dorothy Fontana Samantha Dallaire
The Harper Family Diane Jarry
Matt Swett Alice Zaff
The Di Sciacca Family Lisa Mulvey
Lisa Morin Michelle Bouchard
Paul Doyon & Antigone Gianareles Gene Hannah
Sprague Window Manufacturing Inc. (East Bridgewater, MA) Jim Rourke
Nick Martelli Donna & George Ouillette
Tom Zaks Jane & Stephen White
Julia Fontes Jill Buckley
Cheryl Bogener Shelly Leahy-Rosa
Lee Guessen Bonnye Spence
Michelle (from the Eldorado Casino) Peter Ryes
Malinda Campbell Zora (from the Eldorado Casino)
Nancy Craft Finy Ho Duy
Jarad Pierce Silver City Bicycles (Raynham, MA)


Also, I would like to send out a special thanks to all those who have helped me campaign in raising the money I have.  You guys all know who you are.  I couldn't have done this without you!!!


Please note that this list represents only the sponsor's whose donations have already been posted.  If you sent in a donation, please give it a few weeks (as processing times may vary).  As soon as your donation is posted with the organization, I will include your name on this list.  Also, this list is arranged only by the order in which I receive your donations.  

One final note:  your donation (meaning your check will be cashed or a deduction will be made) may go through before I receive notification of it.  It seems like it can take up to 2-3 weeks before I receive notification of your official sponsorship.  Please email me if you have any questions regarding this issue.  Also, if you made a donation and more than 3 weeks has passed without your name appearing on the list above, email me.  I will investigate to find out more regarding the delay for the transaction posting.  Thank you for understanding and patience.

This page was updated on:  08/12/2001